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Yvonne’s pick . . .


If you’re looking for the perfect wine to sip while nibbling on gougeres

(or any sort of sexy, cheesy pastryenca­sed morsel), then look no further than the shiny, new Maison Noire Hawke’s Bay chenin blanc 2018 ($29). Golden, glossy in the glass and heaving with crisp, lip-smacking acidity, toasted coconut and grapefruit characters alongside roasted apples and all manner of mineral-induced magic in the mouth. Chenin blanc hails from the Loire Valley in France (which is where its winemaker Guillaume Thomas is also from) yet it’s clearly made a happy home in Hawke’s Bay’s Tuki Tuki Valley and we should all make it very welcome. maisonnoir­e.nz

Yvonne Lorkin is co-founder and chief tasting officer of winefriend.co.nz and a Wine Writers of NZ member.

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