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Kropotkin 1093


Across 1. Plants found in box: a cross is put on it (8)

9. Friend and a friend – both webfooted?? (8)

10. “Hong Kong actor in Middle Earth village” is strange clue! (5,3)

11. Toyota model pictured on large and small garlands (8)

12. The whole of Maria Callas’s first appearance: “Hello street band!” (8)

13. Language (a version of Latin) used around South Africa? Not this one (8)

14. Case crapping out? Perhaps Mexican native is witnessed (5,4,6)

20. Submerge small demon with sudden forward movement (8)

21. Beatle’s leader features in Help? Conformati­on needed (8)

22. They say I allowed Edward to describe my shoes (8)

23. I. Newton – he is embraced by Conservati­ve hypothetic­ally (2,6)

24. A surrender here in Royal House won’t be unusual (8)

25. This involves bloodshed in foreign regions: Sweden as well? (8)


2. Someone who gets a share gives thanks: received by Pen Company (8)

3. Royal Academicia­n catching a feverish cold from a spikelet stem (8)

4. Axes cut around vehicle – a fruit found (8)

5. A form of argument put forward by temporary constable with Head of Police in front (7,8)

6. Unbroken view of Central American country in which is seen duck on river (8)

7. This class of workers using South American tethering rope (8)

8. Assumed identities of people in America? Just the opposite (8)

14. One in the comics is old Oscar, surrounded by lively characters (5,3)

15. “Breaks in education result in good pay being bad” – listeners follow this (3,5)

16. Each part in Austen novel will cause you to feel revulsion (8)

17. A shrapnel shell is found jammed in gate reportedly (8)

18. Seaweed put in vehicle by a party member? That’s not right! (8)

19. Fabulous creatures displaying one foot problem (8)

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