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- Sarah Daniell sarah.daniell@nzherald.co.nz

Boredom has its fierce defenders. Poets, philosophe­rs, artists, innovators all talk of needing a good dose of boredom once in a while. I don’t recall feeling bored as a child but I knew saying I was led to boring household jobs and zero sympathy. Boring. Not the desired outcome at all.

This week, Joanna Mathers talks about the importance of being bored. It’s a sentiment echoed by Tracey Thorn, of the band Everything But The Girl. She tells Kiran Dass that her British suburban upbringing was boring — but she’s eternally grateful for it. For she sought an escape.

And for those too busy looking at their phones and swiping to feel bored, a boredom app is sure to make its way to you. You can’t escape boredom, if you’re lucky.

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