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I think it’s fascinatin­g what we do and don’t tell people, even our closest friends.

The final of Big Little Lies screens on Soho on Monday. Apparently you have a new addition to the family?

Oh, Lou. My puppy. He’s adorable. He’s on Instagram; I think he’ll start his own page soon. My husband brought him home one day. We recently lost one of our dogs and we are such dog people. The children helped us name him. He’s an English bulldog and he has blue eyes, just like me.

What’s it like with mostly grown-up kids now? Well, I have a 6-year-old who’s about to go into first grade, my daughter is 19 and in college and my older son is 15 and in high school. So, my house is filled with teenagers all the time, which is so fun. It’s nice being the mum of a teenager, I’m really enjoying it.

What can you reveal about the ending of Big Little Lies?

Ohhh, it’s so good. Oh sorry, good’s probably not a good enough adjective. A better word might be controvers­ial.

I know you can’t say much, but are you happy with the ending?

I am thrilled. Mainly because I think it lets the audience have their own opinions.

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