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The Saturday Brew

- — Monique Barden

THE PLACE: Little Bird Unbakery, Ponsonby THE TIME: 12.30pm THE BREW: Cacao superfood smoothie

When the rain has set in, Little Bird Unbakery is a warm and inviting haven from the world. Their superfood smoothies, shakes and nut milks are made from organic ingredient­s without dairy, gluten or sugar. The menu is enticing and it’s hard to choose but creamy wild weeds didn’t quite grab me, so cacao superfoods ($10) it is. A delicious icy chocolate thick shake with banana, date, cacao, almond milk and a generous topping of toasted brazil nuts and granola chunks, served with a spoon so you can scoop up all the crunchy bits. As I got closer to the bottom toasted seeds and nuts came up through the straw and I couldn’t help myself and slurped up every final drop. It’s hard to believe something so delicious and so satisfying can be good for you and could quite possibly be breakfast.

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