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Cryptic crossword



1. He was bound to get a craft moving (6,5)

8. Sue and Sal mixed work with marriage (8)

9. The butcher holds this duct back (4)

10. At getting in he’d returned, and that was the end (5)

13. There’s enough space to tie up in reverse (4)

16. It may catch one, opening up in the stage floor (4)

17. Without such a pulse one is broke (4)

18. To act dumb will finish off the panto (4)

20. Skin growths are back, but there’s no substance in that (5)

24. Met a reverse quietly as one standing in for staff member (4)

25. An offer to support a girl – including the ring? (8)

26. Tropical disease of the cowardly running free around five (6,5)


2. Displays such heights as turn up inside (4)

3. Only half look to employment of a parasite (5)

4. As yet, the first being in the second, a brewer can use it (5)

5. Change for a pound in rate adjustment (5)

6. Writer last month took one to marry the one before the last (11)

7. For each, many are about to have lent wrongly and for good (11)

11. A Titan pictures the world for the scholar (5)

12. Be suspended, having hydrogen to spare (5)

14. Nothing upset the clergyman like it being finished (4)

15. He always regrets mimicking leaders who do the damage (4)

19. Drive one out of the text; spell the contents of each (5)

21. The endless argument will disconcert one (5)

22. Plenty will try some without a top (5)

23. Wight, for one, is to join the French (4)

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