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- Sarah Daniell sarah.daniell@nzherald.co.nz

I feel fortunate to work with the kind of people who diligently go the extra mile. Like those who interview chefs and feel compelled to try out their recipes in the interests of the story, and then bring them into work for a tasting session. So when Kim Knight was doing her research for the interview with the US chef Edouardo Jordan, for this week’s cover story, she discovered a recipe for Jordan’s macaroni cheese that required not one, but four cheeses. I would like to make this, she said. I think it’s vital you do, I replied. I was not about to discourage her. The result was divine. I can still taste it. And more importantl­y, the experience adds to the richness of Knight’s storytelli­ng. The proof is in the reading ... and — take my word for it — the eating.

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