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Take 3 – Must Try Ingredient­s this weekend from Farro



We're so excited to welcome Alexandra’s Rose Harissa paste to the shelves at Farro. A favourite in Ottolenghi’s pantry, this spicy harissa enhanced with rose petals can be used as a marinade, in soups or stews or as a fragrant, spicy dip. Or try Rose Harissa mayo - combine good quality mayonnaise with rose harissa paste and finely chopped preserved lemon. Delicious alongside salt and pepper squid or grilled fish. $14.99/170g


BEEF SHIN/OSSO BUCCO is the cut of the season. It’s rich in connective tissue that breaks down to meltingly tender mouthfuls through slow-cooking. Osso bucco is used in the eponymous North Italian stew topped with green olive gremolata. It's also great in casseroles or pie fillings. Beef shin, red wine and mushroom pie, anyone?


It doesn’t get more comfort food than this! Farro Sticky Date Pud with Toffee Sauce is made fresh in the Farro Kitchen in Orakei, this pud is the perfect finish to any evening. $11.99/450g

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