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Cryptic crossword



1. Poor point is to be made into something to be proved (11)

8. Must turn, on cue, to make the weight (5)

9. Fish has not finished being built this way (7)

10. Of circling flight from bar, one lot gets in a muddle (7)

11. Have fun in New York: Joe shows you how (5)

12. The piece that strengthen­s gets use of it (6)

14. Make it over to one, like an omen (6)

18. It is the directors who get on the bus (5)

19. It is the continual way of putting up with something (7)

21. Hold something back like jam, once the top is removed (7)

23. Could be aged about fifty when one finds space among the trees (5)

24. One’s backing of it may indicate a motoring offence (11)


1. Spin it out as profession­al will yearn to do (7)

2. Transport is provided for all in Latin (7)

3. Nothing green is to be seen in public (5)

4. Breathe it in at home, being healthy (6)

5. Sells, in the confusion malady causes (7)

6. The gist of it is that a confection has been put up (3)

7. Crazy cricketer will try to get no runs (5)

13. Lasted out under changes brought in by editor (7)

15. How to get me at it: I do likewise (7)

16. It’s lack of care one may disregard (7)

17. One’s working life will go at a great speed (6)

18. It is a lighter way to move in a clumsy fashion (5)

20. Is having lessons around the fireplace (5)

22. The eponymous Haggard female (3)

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