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- — Dionne Christian

MELANIE ROGER GALLERY How do you pick just one art exhibition to see on any given weekend when the calendar is always packed with provocativ­e and eye-catching shows?

Answer — you don’t. Because there’s far too much to see to confine yourself to one exhibition and gallery. So, make a day of it by starting with brunch in Titirangi and a visit to Te Uru to see Marie Shannon’s Rooms found only in the home.

Then head to Melanie Roger Gallery, on Karangahap­e Rd, for the group exhibition featuring works by Sam Mitchell (pictured), Robin Neate and Martin Poppelwell. Mitchell’s new work continues her interest in feminism with creative women at the fore, including writers Dame Ngaio Marsh and Janet Frame.

From there, go for a wander and check out the numerous other galleries based on — or just off — the famous strip: Starkwhite, Artspace, Bowerbank Ninow, Michael Lett, Ivan Anthony, Anna Miles, Mokopopaki ...

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