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- THE TIME: THE BREW: — Monique Barden

reeftondis­tillingco.com Little Biddy Gins are available via contactles­s delivery.


According to Reefton Distilling Co local legend, Little Biddy was a 4-ft-tall, pipe-smoking, gintoting gold miner from Reefton on the West Coast. Now, this inimitable little woman is the namesake for their range of artisan gins, made with native botanicals foraged from the same rainforest where she once fossicked for gold and with a little bit of Biddy’s attitude. The range includes four award-winning gins crafted in small batches using as many locally sourced ingredient­s as possible, including native toatoa, horopito, tarata, kahikatea and rimu to capture the taste of the West Coast rainforest. These native botanicals are then rinsed, and vapour infused in the still, an artisan method requiring the distillers to constantly monitor and adjust for seasonal variations. We tried the Little Biddy Gin —Classic with a palette of spiced citrus, warm resin, and a spicy-sweet, smooth finish. We paired it with premium Indian tonic water and toasted ourselves to our first weekend of lockdown toil. Even though we were down to powdered milk, bread made from flour and beer and the kids banished to their rooms, this was a luxurious, herbal, aromatic and medicinal moment that was very hard to stop at one.

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