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Cryptic crossword



1. Was a throw-away worn over the shoulder? (5)

4. He doesn’t hold the establishe­d view that the rice is wild (7)

8. A French one on: is a back-street for card-carrying members? (9)

9. He’s the fellow to put something on (3)

10. Made a roving search and got cleaned out (7)

12. The last to get the third ahead is long, thin and wooden (4)

14. Final comedown in the theatre (7)

17. A bloke who had a book that this man hawked around? (4)

18. The very latest news, that one is least able to grasp? (7)

20. Where refreshmen­t may be got at the wicket, begin to negotiate (3)

21. Singer opposed to a lot of change (9)

23. What’s worn by male customer getting arm in? (7)

24. Categorise­s the athletic pursuits quietly excluded (5)


1. Critical examinatio­n of black music looking for something new? (4-9)

2. Complete agreement achieved by us in no disagreeme­nt (6)

3. Liberal transmitte­r of heredity with sour potential (8)

4. Is not one of the have-nots involved in high aspiration­s? (3)

5. File snake right ahead (4)

6. Move a little way (6)

7. Interpreta­tions that may have been piled together (13)

11. Sort of treat that’s self-financing: double it? Nonsense! (5)

13. Ancient inhabitant of Scotland sure to change the images (8)

15. Style of a girl taken in by a man’s address (6)

16. It may hold a lot of wine or a little salt (6)

19. Stomach expanding may reveal something hurtful (4)

22. Use needles, one hears, for what isn’t wanted ahead (3)

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