Test your knowl­edge of the week in pol­i­tics

Weekend Herald - - Audrey Young -

1 Which de­part­ment wrote a cabi­net pa­per on ban­ning new off­shore oil and gas ex­plo­ration. a. The Min­istry of Busi­ness, In­no­va­tion and Em­ploy­ment b. Trea­sury c. No one

2. What hap­pened to David Sey­mour on Danc­ing with the Stars on Monday? a. He was voted off b. He sur­vived c. He fell over

3. Who said hav­ing a meat­less day would help com­bat cli­mate change? a. Al Gore b. James Shaw c. David Parker

4. The Prime Min­is­ter said the Gov­ern­ment had started 38 pol­icy re­views, Na­tional leader Si­mon Bridges said the num­ber was: a. 112 b. 115 c. 122

5. Who will be mak­ing ran­dom checks on pa­tients in pri­vate de­men­tia units? a. The Om­buds­man b. The Hu­man Rights Com­mis­sioner c. Men­tal Health District In­spec­tors

6. How many for­mer Prime Min­is­ters are mem­bers of the Or­der of New Zealand? a.1 b. 2 c.3

7. What did Shane Jones say when he was asked about North­land get­ting the lion’s share of the Pro­vin­cial Growth Fund? a. “We won, you lost, eat that.” b. “To the win­ner goes the booty.” c. “Win­ners don’t wait for chances – we make them.”

8. Where was the last by­elec­tion held? a. Mt Roskill b. Botany c. Mt Al­bert

9. When is Jacinda Ardern’s baby due? a. June 17 b. June 19 c. June 21

10. Who was Min­is­ter of Labour when the Em­ploy­ment Con­tracts Act was passed? a. Max Brad­ford b. Sir Wil­liam Birch c. Jim Bol­ger

An­swers: 1.c,2.b,3.b,4.c,5.a,6.c (Moore, Bol­ger, Clark), 7. b, 8. c, 9. a, 10. b

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