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Auck­land first home­buyer Dy­lan Prasad wasn’t gifted money and doesn’t have rich par­ents. Here’s how he bought a house. Her­ald read­ers share their views.

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Niki Bai­ley

I heard some­one com­plain that they couldn’t get on the prop­erty lad­der. Some of us bought our first homes in ar­eas that were fur­ther out than we re­ally wanted to live and made com­pro­mises just to get on the prop­erty lad­der. It’s what you have to do — lower your ex­pec­ta­tions.

Wil­liam Sper­ling

Cool bro, have fun board­ing with a bunch of other peo­ple for 30 years. Ten years to save a de­posit and it took his Ki­wisaver. Okay, well I’m buy­ing a house in the US for $150k, which gets more house than his $600k does. Keep telling your­self that there is noth­ing wrong with $600-$1 mil­lion for a fam­ily home.

Mel Port

Good on the guy

. . . this is what I’ve been teach­ing my kids. Work hard and save and you can get the re­wards . . . hav­ing your own home is awe­some and not ev­ery­one gets to have the Kiwi dream.

Ian-Lor­raine Plant

Funny how most of the “kids” we know in their late 20s early 30s own their own homes. They don’t have flash cars, restau­rant din­ners, over­seas travel or ev­ery new elec­tronic gad­get ei­ther. How­ever, they may have ba­sic 3-bed boxes, but they’ll never be kicked out un­less they de­fault. It’s called go­ing with­out and sort­ing your pri­or­i­ties

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