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‘ High en­ergy’ Collins keen to hunt quiet Ki­wis

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Na­tional leader Ju­dith Collins is in “high en­ergy” mode head­ing into the last week of the cam­paign, as she at­tempts to shake off a dis­ap­point­ing seven days.

She de­scribed a week where she has had MPs leak­ing against her and ac­cu­sa­tions of sup­porter plant­ing on her walk­a­bouts as a


To make mat­ters worse, her party is still well be­hind Labour in the polls.

But Collins is con­fi­dent she will be able to close the gap.

To do that, she is tak­ing a page out of her Aus­tralian Lib­eral Party coun­ter­parts’ play­book.

“There is quite a big chunk of peo­ple who ei­ther haven’t de­cided or else are re­fus­ing to say [ who they will vote for],” she said.

The most re­cent 1News- Col­mar Brun­ton poll showed 13 per cent of vot­ers polled were un­de­cided.

“What we are hear­ing back is there are a lot of quiet Na­tional sup­port­ers who don’t want to tell poll­sters [ who they’re vot­ing for] — they don’t trust peo­ple ring­ing them up and ask­ing how they are vot­ing.

“Peo­ple just don’t tell poll­sters nec­es­sar­ily what they are do­ing.”

Aus­tralian Prime Min­is­ter Scott Mor­ri­son ex­pressed a sim­i­lar sen­ti­ment in the 2019 elec­tion, re­fer­ring to “quiet Aus­tralians”.

Collins said quiet Ki­wis and un­de­cided vot­ers are who she will be tar­get­ing in the com­ing week with her “high en­ergy” cam­paign.

That starts to­day, when she will be a “hu­man hoard­ing” with some of her Na­tional MPs in Auck­land.

“You do what­ever you’ve got to do. I’m just keep­ing on do­ing my thing.”

She also said she has ten­ta­tive plans for elec­tion day – de­liv­er­ing food to Na­tional’s vol­un­teers.

“That’s what I nor­mally do on elec­tion day – although, if I have to do that I will have to take a lot of peo­ple with me to do it these days.

“Not quite so incog­nito as I would nor­mally like to be.

“I may even be putting my feet up and do­ing some wash­ing.”

 ??  ?? Na­tional Party leader Ju­dith Collins hits the cam­paign trail in Blen­heim.
Na­tional Party leader Ju­dith Collins hits the cam­paign trail in Blen­heim.

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