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Elec­tion 2020: it’s now in your hands

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This week, if we haven’t al­ready done so, is our chance to tick four very im­por­tant boxes.

The op­tions are now be­fore us for can­di­date and party vote as well as whether we en­dorse the End Of Life Choice Act and whether the recre­ational use of cannabis should be­come le­gal.

It can­not be over­stated just how im­por­tant this is. It’s about se­lect­ing the di­rec­tion in life we want for our­selves and those we care about.

Writer Ali Ikram, tweet­ing about the 2017 elec­tion, said: “For overseas ob­servers, in New Zealand elec­tions, we all vote then take the bal­lots — chuck them out — and ask a man called Win­ston Peters who won.”

Although this hu­mor­ously un­der­states our role, this time around, the for­ma­tive de­ci­sion may well be in the hands of an­other minor coali­tion part­ner. Col­lec­tively, how­ever, our votes put the par­ties into con­tention.

Ei­ther way the next gov­ern­ment is put to­gether, the ref­er­enda will be de­cided on how the ma­jor­ity vote. These de­ci­sions, as much as the Covid- 19 pan­demic, have the po­ten­tial to de­fine this gen­er­a­tion.

In this re­gard, it is not so much as a team of 5 mil­lion but the will of 5 mil­lion.

Find your lo­cal polling place at vote. nz or by phon­ing 0800 36 76 56.

Pro­vi­sional elec­tion re­sults will be re­leased next Satur­day night, but it will be an­other fort­night for the pro­vi­sional re­sults for the two ref­er­enda, and then an­other week for fi­nal re­sults for ev­ery­thing on Fri­day, Novem­ber 6.

May your choice be among the de­ci­sions.

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