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Un­healthy fo­cus Ori­gin rugby

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While I may not be quite as anatom­i­cally ex­plicit as Grant Dal­ton ( Week­end Her­ald, Oc­to­ber 3) in de­clin­ing a meet­ing with Health & Safety con­sul­tants, I do have a great deal of sym­pa­thy.

My re­sponse would have been far less colour­ful —“no thanks — can you take care of it?” This is not to say we don’t take H& S se­ri­ously. But re­cently we ran up against a H& S de­ci­sion by con­sul­tants, that ul­ti­mately cost us a sports con­tract we had held for years. It added al­most $ 100,000 to our costs.

Each year we em­ploy a half dozen con­trac­tors for this con­tract — those jobs have now gone to an overseas com­pany.

When H& S con­sul­tants’ sole purpose seems to be to cover ev­ery re­mote pos­si­bil­ity, no mat­ter what the cost, they place peo­ple’s jobs at risk as well. That surely is a Health & Safety is­sue of its own.

Ian Tay­lor, manag­ing direc­tor, An­i­ma­tion Re­search Ltd.

There is scope for the NZ Rugby Union to de­velop a new com­pe­ti­tion that in­volves the Pa­cific. Five teams rep­re­sent­ing eth­nic ori­gin would be drawn from play­ers the Pa­cific ( and Aus­tralia); Tonga, Samoa, Ma ¯ ori, Fiji, and Euro­pean that would play four round- robin matches with a play- off fi­nal.

Re­mem­ber­ing the pop­u­lar­ity of the Ton­gan rugby league team that won in Hamil­ton, much in­ter­est will be gen­er­ated within com­mu­ni­ties and good com­pet­i­tive matches as­sured. Grant Lilly, Wai­heke Is­land

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