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The world of NAD+

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Ev­ery cell in the body utilises NAD+ to carry out some­where be­tween 400 – 500 cru­cial cel­lu­lar re­ac­tions re­quired for life. For this rea­son, NAD+ is of­ten de­scribed as the “cen­tral con­trol mol­e­cule” in our cells. How­ever, it’s only re­cently that sci­en­tists have be­gun to truly un­der­stand the im­por­tance of NAD+ and that it de­clines with age and when in high de­mand dur­ing times of ill­ness, in­jury, stress or when needed to re­pair cel­lu­lar dam­age.

The avail­able NAD+ pool within our body is in a con­stant state of flux. We get our NAD+ stores through cel­lu­lar re­cy­cling path­ways which are thought to be­come less ef­fi­cient as we age. We also get small quan­ti­ties of NAD+ through our diet from nu­tri­ent pre­cur­sors found in some foods we eat.

In the past decade, Prof. Charles Bren­ner, the world’s fore­most author­ity on NAD+ me­tab­o­lism and Chair at City Of Hope Na­tional Medical Hos­pi­tal in Cal­i­for­nia, dis­cov­ered that the body’s nat­u­rally pre­ferred NAD+ pre­cur­sor was a nu­tri­ent called nicoti­namide ri­bo­side ( NR). A nu­tri­ent pre­cur­sor means that when in­gested orally, it’s con­verted nat­u­rally into an­other ac­tive sub­stance. In the case of NR, that means its con­verted into the “cen­tral com­mand mol­e­cule” NAD+.

Af­ter years of sci­en­tific re­search and rig­or­ous test­ing at some of the top re­search in­sti­tutes around the globe, NR has been patented NIAGEN ® and is the ac­tive in­gre­di­ent in the di­etary sup­ple­ment Tru Niagen ® which has been shown to sup­port healthy NAD+ lev­els.

NAD+ me­tab­o­lism is such a big topic that sci­en­tists have coined the term “NAD+ WORLD” to de­scribe the 400+ cel­lu­lar pro­cesses it sup­ports within our body. Here are ex­am­ples of just a few:

• Con­vert­ing what we eat and drink into cel­lu­lar en­ergy and en­abling our cells’ en­gines ( mi­to­chon­dria) with that en­ergy

• En­abling re­pair en­zymes to maintain our DNA strands

• Keep­ing all of our im­por­tant or­gan, brain, eye, mus­cle, nerve, blood ves­sel, skin im­mune and hor­mone pro­duc­ing cells en­er­gised, in good re­pair and in a state of har­mony called home­osta­sis

So it’s not sur­pris­ing that as we age and our NAD+ lev­els be­come com­pro­mised that our health and well­be­ing may suf­fer. Many sci­en­tists now be­lieve the de­crease in NAD+ lev­els is closely as­so­ci­ated with age re­lated de­cline in many of the sys­tems in the body.

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 ??  ?? Nicoti­namide Ri­bo­side
The mol­e­cule which may help us stay healthy and more ac­tive as we go through life!
Nicoti­namide Ri­bo­side The mol­e­cule which may help us stay healthy and more ac­tive as we go through life!

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