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1 Which brand doesn't fall un­der the FCA ban­ner?

A Fiat

B Dodge

C Skoda

2 Which BMW came first?

A M1 B M2 C 1M

3 How did Suzuki's Jimny get around Euro­pean emis­sion stan­dards?

A Got an elec­tric en­gine

B Lost its back seats

C Dis­ap­peared en­tirely

4 Ri­vian and Nikola are both brands spe­cial­is­ing in what?

A Space travel

B Hy­dro­gen power

C Elec­tric trucks

5 What is Toy­ota's off- road Hilux called?

A Emu B Mako C Stag

6 Ford re­cently dis­con­tin­ued which Mus­tang en­gine?

A 5.0 Coy­ote

B 2.3 Eco­Boost

C 5.2 Voodoo

7 The Thar is a Jeep- in­spired of­froader sold by which brand?

A Geely B Mahin­dra C Haval

8 What English car was fa­mously used in the Ital­ian Job?

A Mini Cooper

B Mor­ris Minor

C Re­liant Robin

9 What is New Zealand's most ex­pen­sive hy­brid?

A Audi RS Q8

B Fer­rari SF90 Stradale

C Porsche Panam­era Turbo S E- Hy­brid Sport Turismo

10 What is McLaren's new Speed­ster called?

A Avort B Bruce C Elva

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