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Daron Parton’s view Ports of Auckland could learn from Tauranga

- Don Howarth, Mellons Bay.

“Building a Port” by Andrea Fox (Weekend Herald, June 5), on the all-round leadership skills of the very successful retiring CEO of Ports of Tauranga (POT) Mark Cairns, was revealing.

Relate that to the ongoing vexatious Port of Auckland (POA). I found the comments of Auckland mayor Phil Goff (or the lack of them) following the meeting at Sky City Theatre about two weeks ago disappoint­ing but not surprising. Council has not had any dividend for some time and poor dividends prior to that.

It took Minister Michael Wood to say “ports had a primary responsibi­lity to make a return to shareholde­rs” and “a conversati­on” was needed.

Mayor Goff and his council should wake up to the benefit of an initial public offering, opening up 49 per cent to private capital.

The retiring CEO of POT should also be offered a directorsh­ip immediatel­y, so he might have a say in the selection of a new CEO.

All POT shareholde­rs have been very satisfied with returns achieved, while having both a safety record, port efficiency record and a growth record second to none in New Zealand. POA needs radical change.

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