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A quick word

- Janet Boyle, Orewa.¯

The major issue facing nurses for the past decade is that DHB hospitals are unsafe workplaces due to ongoing nurse understaff­ing. Come on Worksafe, where are you?

Paul Carpenter, Rotorua.

I was once told my local ANZ was “moving”. The venue to which it was moving already had a branch, so what they really meant was “closing”.

R Harries, Kohimarama.

As a paid-up member of the Steve Braunias fan club I am disappoint­ed the emphasis is now on scones and a cuppa. A glass of wine with cheese and biscuit is far more suitable for people such as Steve and his proteges. Reg Dempster, Albany.

I make very moreish lemon cupcakes and love mangroves and table tennis. There’s not a porcelain doll in sight. Fancy a cuppa, Steve? Lucy Dunningham, Mission Bay.

I remember years ago my father telling me to read the letters pages to gain a broader insight into public opinion. Now I even read them ahead of the sports pages.

John Norris, Whangamata¯.

By the time the government has finished reading the Climate Change Commission’s 418-page report, climate change will be worse. Robert Clarke, Albany.

How are New Zealanders going to afford all the electric vehicles our politician­s want us to buy in such a short timeframe? Has any thought been given to this? Tom Reynolds, St Heliers.

Clearly, Harry and Meghan only have time for one royal family member — Lilibet Senior. Glenn Forsyth, Taupo¯.

Isn’t it time to close the borders to Australia again? The risk of people not playing by the rules is too great.

Paul Cheshire, Maraetai.

Should all taxpayers have to contribute towards the cost of a “public” school, access to which can be bequeathed and inherited by certain families but denied their neighbours? Rowan Hill, Mt Eden.

Maybe Heath & Safety should insist cyclists crossing Auckland’s harbour bridge should wear parachutes. Gary Hollis, Mellons Bay.

When the harbour bridge was new, drivers had to pay a toll. How much will the toll for cyclists be on their new bridge?

Nick Hamilton, Remuera.

While Te Huia train between Auckland and Hamilton may not yet be perfect, the fact that 5000 passengers have so far travelled on it is not to be sneezed at.

Danna Glendining, Taupo¯.

It’s obvious some Herald readers do not like Mike Hosking. However, it seems many appreciate his “straight-talking, no punches pulled” as he was announced Sir Paul Holmes broadcaste­r for a second year.

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