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Admirable courage


I recently met Jason Oxenham (Canvas, May 29). We chatted about what motivates people to write letters to the editor, articles, etc. and he told me about his piece in Canvas, and calmly informed me about his cancer diagnosis that was most likely incurable.

Jason also told me he wasn’t a writer but putting his cancer battle to paper was cathartic for him.

I, much to my husband’s chagrin, am not often lost for words, and I mumbled some banality about always having hope. Jason, you are a writer, as reading about your journey I felt your fear and pain. But I also felt your courage and determinat­ion to battle on, and other cancer sufferers will feel it also. Keep fighting for yourself and your beautiful family and know you have inspired others to do the same. Kia Kaha.

Mary Hearn, Glendowie.

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