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On Wednesday, about 30,000 nurses across the country joined strike action for eight hours, in protest against pay and working conditions. Herald readers share their views. Christina Sinclaire

Can’t afford to pay nurses (and teachers) a fair wage but can afford a cycle bridge and ridiculous amounts of road works, thousands of dollar public sculptures, upgrades to Parliament, increases in politician­s’ salaries, giving aid to other countries and so many other things. Really it’s just “the Budget does not prioritise important members of our society”. Sasha Wood

Cut some administra­tive staff to give the nurses what they deserve! Such top-heavy DHBs in NZ, it’s the nurses and doctors who provide the healthcare. Andrea Nielsen

Absolutely feel for them and other industries too. Logistics is a mess and another avenue where the Government should be getting involved but doesn’t. C. Rawnsley

The pay isn’t too bad but the staffing shortage is a nightmare. That’s what causes the stress, burnout, and nurses wanting to ditch NZ for other countries.

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