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The Queen marked what would have been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday on June 10 with the planting in Windsor Castle gardens of a newly bred rose, the Duke of Edinburgh Rose.

1 Ranked #1 on The Economist Intelligen­ce Unit’s ranking of most liveable cities is Auckland, with Wellington at number 4. Covid-19 has taken a heavy toll on global liveabilit­y and Auckland beat major cosmopolit­an centres such as Tokyo and Vienna.

2 France is sending a second Statue of Liberty to the US as a gift. The bronze statue, a replica of the original 1878 plaster model but onesixteen­th the size, will be erected on Ellis Island, just across the water from its ‘big sister’ next month.

1 The first hotel on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles has opened its doors. Guests will pay at least $2780 a night to stay in one of Le Grand Controle’s 14 rooms and suites that date back to 1681.

7 Tasmanian devils have been born in the wild on mainland Australia for the first time in almost 3000 years. Aussie Ark has been leading attempts to reestablis­h population­s of the devils, likely wiped out by dingoes. 24 thousand years ago when woolly mammoths roamed the planet, Bdelloid rotifers were frozen in Siberia’s permafrost. Russian scientists have now brought back to life the toughest, tiniest animal you’ve never heard of.

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