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1 What is Lamborghin­i's agricultur­al division called? A Azienda B Trattori C Camion

2 When was the first Fieldays event held?

A 1958 B 1968 C 1978

3 The “Rox” off-road ute concept was based on what?

A Holden Colorado

B Ford Ranger

C Isuzu D-Max

4 Trekka used which brand's technology?

A Honda B Peugeot C Skoda

5 Barry Crump is famous for driving which ute?

A Mazda BT-50

B Toyota Hilux

C Ford Courier

6 What is the electric Ford F-150 called?

A Shockwave

B Ampster

C Lightning

7 What did the Land Rover Defender 90 and 110 numbers used to mean?

A Wheelbase lengths

B Power output

C Ground clearance

8 What does Volkswagen’s “Amarok” name mean?

A Running elk

B Furry bear

C Giant wolf

9 The X-Class was Mercedes-Benz's only ute?

A True B False

10 What year did Ranger sales overtake Hilux in NZ?

A 2010 B 2014 C 2018

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