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AT must be alarmed by the possible changes to Queen St. If cars are removed, how will, customers get to the AT parking building?

J. Billingsle­y, Parnell.

Sydney, with 5 million people needs to be a team too now, a rallying call that evokes wartime unity to fight a virus, armour-plated with Barrier Reef-like tentacles.

Rob Buchanan, Kerikeri.

Gavin Baker (Weekend Herald, July 10) asks whether our Olympic team will march into the stadium under the letter A or N. Perhaps, for an internatio­nal (non rugby) audience, W might be more appropriat­e. Who? Where?

D B Smith, Napier.

At last, the national anthem was sung with a good strong beat before the All Blacks v Fiji rugby test, and all could sing along and enjoy. Rosemary Cobb, Takapuna.

Congratula­tions to John Roughan for his article about the economic folly of the proposed Dominion Rd light rail to the airport. It’s a joke, exactly like the bike bridge.

Richard Hurley, Mt Eden.

John Roughan (Weekend Herald, July 10) made a compelling case for not spending any money on light rail infrastruc­ture but one remembers he made much the same argument against the Northern Busway.

Warren Sanderson, Campbells Bay.

If this country has come to the stage where 99-year-old people can be evicted from their home (Weekend Herald, July 10) then surely that is a very poor reflection on just what New Zealand society has become. Paul Beck,

West Harbour.

Two things that Viv Beck, CEO of Heart of the City, said (Weekend Herald, July 10) deserve more prominence. “The challenge is we are a city in transition” and “Queen St will revive, there’s no question.”

D B Hill, Freeman’s Bay

Our climate change policies, if implemente­d, will be as useful as turning on the heater and putting it in the fridge.

Andrew Montgomery, Remuera.

Next, I’m expecting this headline: “Police pay koha during a raid on a gang headquarte­rs to find illegal guns and drugs. Gang says koha insufficie­nt to cover the resultant legal costs.” Michael Walker, Blockhouse Bay.

Gang membership up by over 40 per cent and now Government funding. Mexico, here we come. Michael Single, Bayswater.

There is now a push for a four-day week on the basis of improving productivi­ty. It’s time for a little realism: Come back please Ruth Richardson. Neville Cameron, Coromandel.

Some people are genuine jobseekers but we are underminin­g good parents by continuing to pay our youth to leave school and stay in bed. George Williams, Whangamata¯.

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