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NZ’s Apec priorities


● Economic and trade policies to strengthen recovery.

This priority focuses on Apec’s economic response to Covid-19. It aims to encourage trade and economic policies that support openness and connectivi­ty, and reduce friction at the border in order to reduce barriers and make it easier for companies to trade and do business throughout the Apec region.

● Increasing inclusion and sustainabi­lity for recovery.

This acknowledg­es the need for Apec’s long-term response to Covid-19 to be sustainabl­e and inclusive of all people. It is about enhancing the participat­ion of groups such as women and indigenous people in the economy, and ensuring their contributi­ons are valued. It will also ensure the region’s recovery can be used to improve sustainabi­lity outcomes, including in the area of climate change.

● Pursuing innovation and a digitally enabled recovery.

This priority focuses on Apec taking advantage of digital innovation to improve the way business is done and make it more efficient and adaptable. It aims to encourage Apec members to embrace open and competitiv­e markets for new technologi­es.

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