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Final Aventador

Farewell to the Aventador, but don’t worry – there’s another V12 Lamborghin­i on the way BUT LAMBO’S V12 WILL LIVE


Lamborghin­i has unveiled its farewell to the Aventador supercar: the Ultimae special edition, which will be limited to 600 examples (350 coupes and 250 roadsters).

The Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae features a version of the maker’s legendary 6.5-litre mid-mounted V12 that sends

574KW to all four wheels; that's

30kW more than the Aventador S and 7kW more than the bonkers SVJ, making it the most powerful production Aventador of all time.

But contrary to popular opinion, the Ultimae won’t be the last new V12-powered Lamborghin­i. The Aventador’s as-yet unnamed successor, to be revealed later this year, will retain the naturally aspirated V12 engine in combinatio­n with hybrid technology, no doubt using lessons learned from last year’s limited-edition Sian.

Hybrid technology will make the powertrain more efficient, but it also allows Lamborghin­i to up the performanc­e ante even further without resorting to turbocharg­ing, keeping the V12 relatively “pure”.

There will also be a new Huracan V10 by 2025. But beyond those two forthcomin­g models, Lamborghin­i’s future will be largely electric.

In the meantime, the Ultimae can rocket to 100km/h in

2.8 seconds and top out at


It isn't as wild-looking as the SVJ, but benefits from subtle tweaks such as a new front splitter and rear diffuser, as well as the new twin-exit exhaust.

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