Weekend Herald



1 Which Hollywood icon famously owned a Jaguar XKSS?

A James Coburn

B Steve McQueen

C Michael J. Fox

2 In 2020, 28,072 utes were sold in NZ. How many in the UK?

A 35,691

B 85,691

C 135,691

3 Which year was the original Mini launched?

A 1949 B 1959 C 1969

4 Which has not been the name of a British automotive company? A Alvis B Dennis C Gene

5 What is the name of the 3-D Jaguar bonnet emblem?

A Active Cat

B Spirit of Jumping

C Leaper

6 Which Chinese company has owned MG since 2007?


7 Which Ford replaced the iconic Cortina?

A Mondeo

B Sierra

C Focus

8 How many times has Jaguar won the Le Mans 24 Hour race?

A Never B Two C Seven

9 Rolls-Royce’s Spirit of Ecstasy emblem was modelled on a real person?

A True B False

10 TV character Mr Bean has been around for more than three decades. What does he drive? A Yellow Mini

B Green Mini

C Blue Reliant

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