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Part regular exposure, part passion, I’ve lived with a Lotus Elise 111R for 111 days, raced both an Exige Cup 260 and the awesome roofless 2-Eleven, and helped launch the Evora, locally. But my ultimate would be an S1 Lotus Elise with a supercharg­ed Honda engine.

The Lotus Seven, launched in 1957. It’s still produced as a Caterham in the UK, but I’d want a Lotus version. So why not one of the 95 produced by Steel Brothers in Christchur­ch (1973-79)? They were the last authentic “Lotus” Sevens built anywhere in the world.

I haven’t had the chance to drive one, and I’m not sure that I ever will, but you can’t talk about British classics without bringing up the Reliant Robin. It might not be the best-performing, but any car with an odd number of wheels is a winner in my eyes.

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