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Here’s the plan, Fran


Fran O’Sullivan asks Jacinda to show her the Covid plan (Weekend Herald, July 10).

Well Fran, it goes like this: Go hard and early and save thousands of Kiwi lives and our economy. Support heroic front liners at the border and in Health. Successful­ly repatriate 150,000 New Zealanders with only a dozen border breaches over 18 months. Order enough of the gold standard Pfizer vaccines to inoculate us all by the end of this year.

Have no community transmissi­on for 140 days and counting. Be rated by S&P as number one in the world for economic recovery.

It’s a good plan and 75 per cent of Kiwis support it.

Thanks, Jacinda and all those at the frontline protecting us.

Roger Laybourn, Hamilton.

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