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On Friday, New Zealand farmers took part in a protest that saw tractors, utes and farm vehicles head to city centres to protest the “increasing interferen­ce from the Government, unworkable regulation­s and unjustifie­d costs”. Herald readers share their views.

Jon Culley

Lots of taxes being collected today from all of that extra fuel being burnt. Lovely jubbly!

Helena Williams

I support our farmers and tradies as this affects all of them and us. If you don’t know why, then go and find out.

Matt Sneddon

Bet all those farmers who voted Labour are regretting it now . . . yes, National didn’t put up the best alternativ­e but at least we knew what to expect. Not these broken promises that are becoming more and more frequent with this current Govt.

Pavel Zivnustka

110 per cent support their protest. No farmers, no food.

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