Cryp­tic cross­word

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1. Men cane colt, or oth­er­wise give it a good hid­ing (11)

8. Put too much on one’s plate for it to pass (8)

9. A re­cidi­vist who has re­turned for the fes­tiv­ity (4)

10. Doc­tor, be­ing on his lone­some, may sink and die (5)

13. Length of dress in Madras fi­nally wore an air of change (4)

16. Don’t ex­e­cute one with the rope that holds the mast (4)

17. It is a por­tent that fe­males should lose their leader (4)

18. In sea-sick­ness, first of pas­sen­gers does what oth­ers do (4)

20. Make it fit to adopt it as a change for noth­ing (5)

24. Horn, say, that may cover the shoul­ders (4)

25. Words that one has strung to­gether may con­demn one (8)

26. Count the pleat that un­folds with a car’s iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (6-5)


2. An­i­mals that up­set one in­clude the hyrax fi­nally (4)

3. Pro­vide grub for but­ter­fly grub, in part (5)

4. Crooked way to re­quest new be­head­ing (5)

5. Tired ges­ture used as one slowly moves within it (5)

6. In which hobby-horse rids ro­mance of any change (6-5)

7. Fig­ures with strings of which Maori set ten out (11)

11. Horse given to Aida, say, to make film of the Wild West (5)

12. Ex­am­ple of 11 might have been Ro­man (5)

14. The par­tic­u­lar mys­ti­cism that shrouds the host (4)

15. Ex­cept for starter of es­car­gots, ev­ery­thing is off (4)

19. Old ship got it up to put to sea (5)

21. Dull and ex­pen­sive? That’s about right (5)

22. Leaf in the corolla un­folded into a plate (5)

23. Make some­thing woolly for bone to mend (4)

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