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Security hired for activist Parker’s event

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Auckland Council says organisers for anti-trans activist Kellie-jay KeenMinshu­ll’s “Let Women Speak” event have arranged their own security.

The self-described women’s rights campaigner is due to touch down in Aotearoa today ahead of her event at Albert Park tomorrow.

Both the event, and counterpro­tests are due to start at the Band Rotunda at 11am.

A council spokespers­on told the

it received and granted an applicatio­n for a permit from the event organisers.

“The organisers applied for approval under council’s Public Trading Events and Filming Bylaw 2022 and approval was granted under the bylaw.”

The spokespers­on said the organisers have the primary responsibi­lity to ensure they run a safe and secure event and the council has been informed they have hired their own security team.

“All applicatio­ns are assessed on a case-by-case basis and the granting of an event permit is a regulatory decision — it does not indicate that the council endorses the event.

“Please note that rallies and protests at public spaces do not require event permits. We recognise that Aucklander­s hold a wide range of views on issues and that the rights to freedom of expression and assembly are protected by law.”

The spokespers­on said the council respects people’s right to freedom of expression and peaceful protests, and the council will be working closely with police to monitor the health, safety and security risks up until the date of the event.

Another protest, organised by

Hannah Tamaki’s Vision New Zealand, is also set to start at 11am tomorrow at Aotea Square in Auckland. A social media post about the event claims it is to rise up against “radical gender theory”.

Immigratio­n NZ announced on Monday it was reviewing whether Parker should be able to travel here and in a decision released on Wednesday, general manager Richard Owen said Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, did not meet the high threshold to be considered an excluded person under section 16 of the Immigratio­n Act 2009.

“We note there is nothing specified in the Immigratio­n Act or immigratio­n instructio­ns which could be used to prevent a person travelling to New Zealand on a temporary basis based on their previous expression of opinion and ideas.”

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