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Celebrate summer at home all year round with some clever painting and smart styling.

Ah summer … refreshing ocean dips, sun kissed afternoons chilling (aka dozing) with a book, gentle sea breezes and pristine blue skies. Sadly, the golden weather ends all too soon. But with some clever Resene paint touches, you can keep that sunny, laidback vibe in your home the whole year round (and oh joy, minus the sandy feet).

Summer holidays are all about connecting with nature and al fresco living, so opt for colours, textures, accents and shapes that bring the outdoors in.

Choose your hero colour to set the tone then have fun riffing on the theme. Pale creamy-yellows like Resene Half Popcorn or Resene Pipi provide a mellow backdrop that evoke windswept beaches and parched summer fields.

Nature is no fan of straight lines, so introduce curves where you can – think archways, lampshades and furniture – as a nod to the outdoors. These soft lines bring an organic feel to the space and impart that ‘aah’ sense of peace and tranquilli­ty.

Give your timber flooring a weathered, pre-loved look by finishing it in Resene Colorwood Mid Greywash.

Summery sophistica­tion

For a classic twist on the vacation theme, take your inspiratio­n from the New Yorker’s holiday resort of choice: The Hamptons. A Hamptons-style interior combines the airy feel of a coastal setting with low-key elegance that works for every season.

The typical Hamptons palette is crisp, clean and nautical; simply dial up the white to blue ratio to your taste. However, for those drearier months, white walls will maximise the sense of light and space. Add interest to the plain white with battens; these can be easily attached using screws before painting – or simply use constructi­on glue.

Layering is key to this look – so in the rest of your décor, furnishing­s and accessorie­s include coastal-inspired tones like Resene Billabong, Resene Madison and Resene Biscay.

Wood surfaces or driftwood accents can be finished in Resene Colorwood Whitewash or Resene Colorwood Light Greywash for a relaxed, beachy vibe.

What’s so fun about this look is that the oceanic, the organic and the opulent all happily co-exist. So alongside nautical touches and natural fibres, add in some porcelain or ceramic with chinoiseri­e detailing.

Catch those rays

Kids’ rooms are all about fun. So, a buttery yellow fits the bill nicely – and mixed with earthier, more muted tones you still get the summer effect without having to reach for your sunnies.

Dial up the energy with a dynamic pattern on your wall – geometric shapes or thick coloured stripes work really well. By picking up these wall hues in your furniture, linen and accessorie­s you’ll keep everything harmonious

You can elevate a simple set of drawers from functional to fun by playing with colour. Paint the outside a calming neutral like Resene Merino, then the drawers in sandy, earthy and summer sunset hues like Resene Merino, Resene Brown Sugar, Resene Ebb and Resene Apache. Tie the whole palette together by repeating these colours in other pieces like tables, toy boxes, stools and even display boards.

Top tip: Creating your own DIY display board is a cinch. First, measure out your stripes onto an art canvas so they are approx 25cm wide and on a diagonal. Apply painters tape. Paint each stripe in your chosen colour using Resene testpots – you’ll need to do two coats. Once dry, remove the tape. Staple string or twine across the board and secure it at the back. Add pegs to the string and hang out your artwork, holiday snaps, drawings, etc.

Scandi style

Next time you moan about the dark evenings drawing in, spare a thought for the Scandinavi­ans – they get six hours or less of daylight in winter! So, if anyone knows about maximising sunlight and dispelling gloom year-round, it’s those living in Nordic countries.

Scandi style is synonymous with light spaces, clean lines, pale palettes and whitewashe­d timber. However, it has also evolved to include darker, moodier shades. So if going all-out, archetypal Scandi is beyond the pale, you can add in some sombre hues and even pops of colour. Or warm up the look with accents of terracotta, blue or gold such as Resene Hot August, Resene Navigate or Resene Pirate Gold.

Nature-inspired tones and texture can come courtesy of woven cushions, stonewashe­d bedlinen and dried flowers. The earthy hues that were once popular in Nordic design have made a comeback, so these tones are also very on-trend Scandi.

Even in the darkest depths of winter, with careful Resene colour choices, it’s possible to chase summer from Scandinavi­a all the way to the Hamptons.

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