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Which man­u­fac­turer didn’t un­veil a supercar at the Geneva Mo­tor Show? A Maserati Bkoenigsegg C Lam­borgh­ini Which en­ergy drink is spon­sor­ing the third Pro­drive Rac­ing V8 Supercar en­try? A Rock­star B De­mon En­ergy C Mon­ster … and who will drive this en­try? A Chaz Mostert B Chris Pither C Cameron Wa­ters Which cars sold in higher num­bers than the Toy­ota Corolla in Fe­bru­ary? A Mazda CX-5 and Suzuki Swift B Suzuki Swift and Kia Sportage C Kia Sportage and Mazda CX-5 Where is the next round of D1NZ? A Rua­puna B Pukekohe Race­way C Hamp­ton Downs Clas­sic car own­ers in the UK can’t: A Take chil­dren un­der three B Smoke C Take dogs in their car Who has not owned the Maserati brand? A Citroen B Fiat Cford What year did the Kia Sportage de­but? A 1991 B 1993 C 1995 The first sea­son of the WRC was when? A 1972 B 1973 C 1974 2016 F1 cham­pi­onship round one is on: A March 13 B March 20 C March 27

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