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Drug use in New Zealand is not a cap­i­tal crime but acts of com­mis­sion, and omis­sion, by the coun­try’s lead­ers have ef­fec­tively made it so for 45 peo­ple in the past year.

Cannabis is an easy plant to grow. For adults it is a rel­a­tively safe drug. Syn­thetic cannabis ex­ists only be­cause cannabis is il­le­gal.

Those deaths that have oc­curred as a re­sult of syn­thetic cannabis use are on the heads of the law­mak­ers that made cannabis il­le­gal in the first place, and all those who con­tinue to keep it il­le­gal.

They cre­ated the prob­lem. Mak­ing the sen­tence longer for those who deal in the syn­thetic prod­uct does not fix it.

Re-le­galise cannabis and the prob­lem goes away.

_ Jeremy Ash­ford

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