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“Char­maine Sol­jak, lo­cal an­nouncer from The Hits North­land “I’ve been en­joy­ing wav­ing good bye to win­ter this week and notic­ing all the bright flow­ers and blooms com­ing on.

My skin was look­ing dull af­ter win­ter and I needed to ex­fo­li­ate. Here is where my Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan kicked in with a mi­cro­der­mabra­sion this week. This is a quick and re­lax­ing treat­ment. Mi­cro­der­mabra­sion is a resur­fac­ing treat­ment that ex­fo­li­ates and re­duces con­ges­tion and leaves your skin look­ing more sup­ple, re­freshed and healthy. The treat­ment got rid of a prob­lem black head which was thrilling to have gone. When some­thing both­ers you for a long time and its gone sud­denly, you feel the joy in this treat­ment.

As part of my Caci Clinic Skin Health Plan this will be one of a se­ries of mi­cro­der­mabra­sion treat­ments. Tiny crys­tals are blown onto the skin’s sur­face un­der pres­sure and suc­tioned away si­mul­ta­ne­ously. I guess its like sand­blast­ing your deck and vac­u­um­ing it away leav­ing ev­ery­thing spick and span!

Next came the Vi­ta­min C in­fu­sion, some won­der­ful hy­dra­tion gel and the yum­mi­est mask with cu­cum­ber and ar­nica which smelt and felt divine. There was an ob­vi­ous re­duc­tion in my tired skin. If you’re hun­gry to have healthy skin that feels lovely, that is a fab con­fi­dence booster, book your ap­point­ment to­day at Caci Whangarei and feel the dif­fer­ence of health­ier more youth­ful­look­ing skin!”

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