Make an en­trance to en­sure you have that kerb­side ap­peal

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Much is made of the im­por­tance of street ap­peal when it comes to sell­ing your house. That’s there’s noth­ing wrong with hav­ing a home that looks smart from the street for your own sat­is­fac­tion. Walk­ing through the door of the swish­est house in the street is a good a pickme-up.

Here are five key ar­eas of the prop­erty to con­sider for max­i­mum and time­less kerb ap­peal.

House ex­te­ri­ors

The ob­vi­ous place to start is the ex­te­rior of the house it­self.

Grey greens and grey blues re­main hugely pop­u­lar on the ex­te­rior of our homes. That’s be­cause they are es­sen­tial neu­trals but with some depth and in­ter­est. The sub­tle green or blue tones means they work well sur­rounded by leafy fo­liage, they look great with bright white trim, but they can also take the ad­di­tion of some bold con­trast­ing colours.

Go­ing black is an­other trend that’s con­tin­u­ing for house ex­te­ri­ors as it will make most build­ings look con­tem­po­rary and dra­matic. For dark ex­te­ri­ors, re­mem­ber use a Re­sene Cool­colour paint or stain to re­flect more of the sun’s UV and re­duce heat build up.

Other ar­eas to con­sider are the ev­ery­day de­tails like the spout­ing and gut­ter­ing — do you want them to blend or be a fea­ture, such as a metal­lic look. To­day’s ranges of spout­ing are far re­moved from the white plas­tic of old.

Once you have a colour scheme you’re happy with on your house, any other colour or de­sign fea­ture you add to the rest of the ex­te­rior sec­tion is about adding com­ple­men­tary or con­trast­ing fea­tures.

Front doors and porches

A brightly coloured front door is an easy way to make your home look bold and in­ter­est­ing from the street. Think bold red, greens, or­anges or yel­lows or go dra­matic with dark colours in­stead. Use a gloss fin­ish, such as Re­sene Ena­macryl, to make the colour pop.

But it needn’t stop there. You can treat a par­tially en­closed front porch or a ve­randa much the same way as an in­te­rior room, with lay­ers of colour and ac­ces­sories. Go for a sun­drenched vibe with bright shades but if go­ing bright for your front door or porch doesn’t suit, play around with neu­trals or a tonal scheme in­stead — try shades of grey, green or blue.

An­other clever idea for porches, paths and steps is to opt for a painted sten­cil de­sign to em­u­late tiles. If you’re work­ing on con­crete you can paint it to re­sem­ble al­most any other ma­te­rial with a bit of re­search and prac­tice and just a few Re­sene test­pots.


A sharply painted and well­main­tained bound­ary fence adds ev­ery­thing to the kerb ap­peal of your home. Re­mem­ber that it has two sides. You may have it look­ing fan­tas­tic from the in­side, but what about the street side?

Most front walls and fences need to be func­tional first, find­ing a bal­ance be­tween ef­fec­tive se­cu­rity or an­i­mal con­trol, while still look­ing good. Pick a paint colour which will com­ple­ment your home ex­te­rior from the street view. A clas­sic ap­proach is to use the same colour as your win­dow trims, or you might choose a darker tonal colour to your cladding.

And, of course, the key thing once you have your fence or wall spruced up, is to keep it main­tained, free of loose boards, mould, moss and peel­ing paint.

Paths and landscaping

If you feel out of your depth when it comes to gar­den or land­scape de­sign, there’s some good news. The lat­est gar­den trend is to em­brace the Ja­panese con­cept of wabi-sabi, or find­ing beauty in im­per­fec­tion and tran­sience. In other words, let it go.

Sim­plify your de­sign and ac­cept the nat­u­ral cy­cle of growth and de­cay, and be­lieve it or not your gar­den can still look ele­gant and invit­ing. Choose plants that are well suited for the grow­ing con­di­tions in your gar­den and let them do their thing.

Think about how peo­ple get from the street to your front door. Make sure there is at least one clear path­way and think about how it may be im­proved with the ad­di­tion of colour or light­ing. You can tie paving stones back to the colours you’ve cho­sen for your porch or house, or use them as the key colour fo­cal point that blends or con­trasts with your plants.

Pots and planters

Adding pots and planters to your porch or front door is one of the quick­est ways to add in­ter­est and street-ap­peal. Use them to add dif­fer­ent heights and lev­els to the plant­ing.

Photo / Tim Whit­taker.

Make an en­trance state­ment with Re­sene Cedar wood stain, R. Half Ash and R. Grey Fri­ars.

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