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W hat would you do if an as­teroid was about to hit earth? Ac­tress Jen­nifer Fin­ni­gan fills us in about her ex­cit­ing new show Sal­va­tion, where her char­ac­ter faces that ex­act sce­nario.

What at­tracted you to the role?

I’m drawn to strong, smart fe­male char­ac­ters and I re­ally ad­mire her. I did on the page, I did in the pi­lot and now I feel even more so. She has strong morals and prin­ci­ples. I love when I play a char­ac­ter that I re­ally ad­mire be­cause it makes it fun to come to work ev­ery day.

What sets Sal­va­tion apart from other scifi-dra­mas?

I’ve never been a fan of the block­buster movies about the world end­ing. This show is re­ally dif­fer­ent be­cause it’s so char­ac­ter-based and it touches upon ev­ery­thing. It’s a lit­tle bit po­lit­i­cal and a lit­tle bit sci-fi, it’s got hu­mour, and there is def­i­nitely ro­mance in there.

Why is Grace’s point of view so vi­tal to this story?

Grace is very im­por­tant be­cause, es­sen­tially, she is the ground­ing force – the moral com­pass of the show, if you will. She is not just an­swer­ing to her­self – she is an­swer­ing to her child.

What would you do if an a steroid was poised to hit Earth?

The generic answer is that I’d travel the world, buy a boat and all that stuff, but the ma­jor answer would be to hold my loved ones close and to make the most out of ev­ery minute.

Be­low: Jen­nifer with co-stars Erica Lut­trell and Ian An­thony Dale.

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