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Do you ever get used to the smell of dogs and just don’t know your house smells like a wolf den? I’m a bit wor­ried about my dog sit­u­a­tion. I’d never had dogs up un­til 18 months ago. I was al­ways a cat per­son. Well, that’s not true ei­ther. I liked cats and dogs, but cats were not re­ally me and I had no con­cept of what hav­ing a dog was like.

All I knew was that cats smelled great and didn’t seem to give a toss whether you gave them at­ten­tion or not, while dogs seemed a bit needy and very smelly.

When I met Tim (the fu­ture Mr Gille­spie), he loved dogs. He’s had a dog as long as he can re­mem­ber. There was Surf and Blue, who ap­par­ently came home one day with a sheep head in his mouth. I imag­ine he was a very big dog. Then there were three dogs called Scrunch. Very odd that he named three dogs Scrunch, but it would be a bit weirder if he’d had three wives all called Felic­ity.

“Let’s get a dog!” Tim would say en­thu­si­as­ti­cally al­most ev­ery day. It wasn’t un­til he promised his mate he’d take care of his dog Kramer for a week that I learned to love dogs.

Ini­tially I said to Tim, “He can’t sleep in the bed­room.” Then it be­came, “He can’t sleep on the bed!” Then it be­came, “I can’t give him back! I love him too much!”

Kramer was the nicest lit­tle guy I’d ever met. I was smit­ten and the kids were smit­ten. That dog was some­thing else.

So when Tim said we could get Kramer’s lit­tle brother, I was in like a Tux dog bis­cuit rep at Fiel­d­ays. So we got Scrum­bles. Tim tried to call him Scrunch, but he’s Scrum­bles.

He’s half dog and half mup­pet. The thing is, I know he gets smelly. He’s a shaggy mup­pet of a dog and hon­estly some­times he smells like a box of old boots, but I think I may have got used to doggy smell. Toast, my daugh­ter’s dog, isn’t quite as smelly, but then again, she is full dog, with ab­so­lutely no mup­pet blood what­so­ever.

I’m con­cerned that I have mag­i­cally be­come a doggy lady who has no idea that her house smells like a wolf’s lair or a smelly, old wet sack. Maybe dogs place some magic spell on you so you can’t smell doggy in your home. They blind your senses with those big, brown eyes and the way they gen­uinely love you. They blunt your abil­ity to catch a whiff of them be­cause they hon­estly act like it’s the great­est thing that has ever hap­pened when you get home from work.

I gen­uinely never imag­ined I’d be the weirdo lady who let her dogs snug­gle up in bed. I didn’t think it would ever hap­pen, but it has, and they prob­a­bly do smell fright­ful and vis­i­tors prob­a­bly think we are weird Bo­hemi­ans. But gosh, if love and de­vo­tion had a fra­grance, I think it would smell purely of doggy!

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