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Amanda Seyfried has given film fans hope that a third Mamma Mia! movie may finally be headed to the big screen, four years after the sequel!

“The plot doesn’t even matter at this point,” says the actress. “Abba’s got new songs, throw them in there, get the cast together again. Meryl [Streep] will absolutely come back for the entirety of it… or else.”

Amanda’s already given some thought as to where her character Sophie will be in the next instalment.

“I’ll have two kids and still be married to Sky [Dominic Cooper],” she says. “Meryl will be a ghost because she’s dead. Or maybe she comes back as Donna’s twin sister.”

The 36-year-old star says she’s on a deadline to make it happen – before her 40th birthday – and it’s going to be one big party if they manage to pull it off.

“We just want to go back to Greece and dance around – and then people will love that,” says Amanda. “So, you know, we would be doing a service to ourselves and to the fans.”

“I would do it just to see my friends again on some beautiful island,” co-star Colin Firth, 61, agrees.

 ?? ?? Meryl and Amanda are ready to go again!
Meryl and Amanda are ready to go again!
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