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George begs Amal ‘PLEASE COME HOME!’

Separated by work demands, the movie star desperatel­y wants his family back together


With his superstar status, there weren’t too many people in the world who could blow George Clooney away – until his now-wife Amal came along.

An icon in her own right in the humanitari­an world, George fell for the BritishLeb­anese human-rights lawyer at very rst sight when they were introduced at his home in Italy’s Lake Como in 2013.

“George was smitten almost immediatel­y – as the friends who connected them suspected he might be,” says a source. “He said he’d never met such an impressive person, both for her career and her personal warmth.”


Almost 10 years later, George, 61, is just as head over heels with the woman he married in 2014 – but the realities of juggling her groundbrea­king work with his acting career are starting to take their toll.

“George is the last person on earth who would expect Amal to change anything about her career, but the truth is, her line of work has been extremely worrying for George over the past few months,” says a source.

“When war broke out in Ukraine, Amal immediatel­y rolled up her sleeves to help. She’s dedicating every waking minute to working with the United Nations on Russia’s human rights abuses against Ukrainians, and it’s very powerful stu . George is torn between his intense admiration for her as a lawyer and his worries for her safety as his wife.

“He knows she’s a formidable woman, but seeing her go up against a power like Russia and Vladimir Putin gives him a lot of anxiety.”

It’s not the rst time George, who’s admitted 44-year-old Amal’s travels to dangerous places “bothers me”, has been worried about her work.

In 2019, while Amal was bringing a case against ISIS extremists in a French court, her family had to increase their protection.

“We have real security issues on a daily basis,” he told e Hollywood Reporter. “We don’t want our kids to be targets, so

we have to pay attention. [While] I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids... I miss being able to walk [with them] in Central Park.” Making matters worse, the couple have been spending more time apart than usual.


George is lming e Boys

In e Boat in London and is believed to be basing himself out of the couple’s Berkshire mansion, while Amal is spending most of her time working in New York.

Sources say the couple’s four-year-old twins Alex and Ella are shuttled between their parents, who catch up “in any scrap of diary space they can nd”.

“Along with the security worries, George is simply missing his wife and the quiet family life they enjoyed at the start of the pandemic,” says a source. “He can’t wait to wrap in London and join her wherever she needs him, but in the meantime, he’s begging her to come to him.”

Our insider says George has oated an idea inspired by his longtime friend Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban.

“Nicole and Keith often talk about how they have a rule not to be apart for more than two weeks, and it has done their marriage wonders,” says the source. “George doesn’t want to limit Amal’s or his career, but he’s starting to think implementi­ng a rule like that might do them both the world of good.”

‘George is missing her and the family life they enjoyed’

 ?? ?? Human rights lawyer Amal has been busy in New York… WORKING IN THE US
Human rights lawyer Amal has been busy in New York… WORKING IN THE US
 ?? ?? ...where she spoke at a United Nations Security Council meeting.
...where she spoke at a United Nations Security Council meeting.
 ?? ??
 ?? ??
 ?? ?? George is directing a film in London.
George is directing a film in London.
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