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Georgie & Andrew ‘OUR FAMILY LEGACY’

The dad-daughter duo bonded early over their bricks


Georgie Palmer remembers being hooked from the first episode of Lego Masters Australia as a 16-year-old.

“I was so excited that I was beside myself, jumping around the living room,” she recalls. In fact, Georgie was so enthusiast­ic, she sent a handwritte­n letter to the TV channel, telling them they had to do a Kiwi version “please, please, please” – and a few months later, they replied to say it was a great idea! She still has the letter three years later.

When TVNZ 2 announced it was doing Lego Masters NZ, the timing couldn’t have been better as Georgie had just turned 18, the minimum age for the show. She was enjoying a ski trip with her family when she got a text from a friend with a link to enter and immediatel­y signed up, putting her dad Andrew’s name down without even checking with him.

“I wanted to get it in really fast, so I did it in a snow storm on my phone,” laughs Georgie, who is the youngest participan­t on the show, while her dad is the oldest at 49. They’re thought to be the first father-daughter duo to compete in the global franchise.

With Georgie set to leave the family’s Ma¯pua home, near Nelson, self-employed geotechnic­al engineer Andrew relished the opportunit­y to spend time with her before she began her studies in Dunedin.

And he had fond memories of his time playing with Lego during his childhood in the UK – with the same ’70s set he introduced to Georgie when she was just three, which only contained primary colours.

And there’s barely been a month since then where she hasn’t played with the little plastic bricks. Georgie smiles, “Most teenagers or young adults go through a dark age and go

‘I was beside myself, jumping around the living room’

off Lego for a while, but I never really had that. I have a lot of Lego books and I’m really fascinated by the history.”

Georgie loves that Lego Masters is giving her some behind-the-scenes experience for her Bachelor of Music degree – she wants to venture into writing music for TV and film. It’s a passion that runs in the family, with Andrew once appearing on

The Naked Choir, a reality show that formed an a capella group.

Georgie also teaches ballet, tap, jazz and contempora­ry dance, but she jokes that Andrew can’t even “dad dance”. However, she couldn’t be happier to have her father on Lego Masters with her.

“When things get stressful, having someone there who knows you really well is awesome,” grins Georgie. “I’m really grateful to him for doing it. Our skills are quite contrastin­g – I’m very much about making sure every little detail was aesthetica­lly perfect, while Dad has the technical skills and the mechanism ability. We had the holy trinity of storytelli­ng!”

 ?? ?? The pair reckon they’re the dream team.
The pair reckon they’re the dream team.
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