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Kylo stole hundreds of neighbourh­ood items – and Ingrid’s heart!

- Follow Kylo’s adventures on Instagram: @piratekitt­ykylo.

Kay McCall stifled a giggle as she surveyed her backyard filled with stuffed toys, a school uniform, gardening gloves, a soccer ball and, surprising­ly, a build-your-own teddy bear.

Tail swishing and looking like a cat who got the cream, a cheeky ginger feline purred at her feet. The 68-year-old’s yard had quickly become the dumping ground of a real-life cat burglar, with Kay waking each morning to “gifts” from the mysterious neighbourh­ood moggy.

“It was like Christmas – there’d be presents out there every morning,” Kay says with a laugh.

Hoping to reunite owners with their missing goods, Kay took to social media in March 2021, posting a photo of the stolen items to her local community Facebook group. The crafty kitty soon became a hit online with members asking for updates on the cat’s latest burglary. So Kay created a Facebook and Instagram page for the “pirate cat”, named for his treasure-hoarding ways, and quickly gained almost 2000 followers.


It was then that Kay heard from the cat’s owners. Their feline, now a community celebrity, was called “Johnny”.

“The owners said they were doing their best to keep him from roaming, but he escaped at every opportunit­y,” says Kay, shocked to learn they were getting terrible threats from other neighbours about their cat’s antics.

“They even bought a very large, very expensive enclosure and he simply dug his way out of it. In the end, they asked if I could help find him a new home, so I put a post on the community website explaining what happened – and that’s where Ingrid came in.”

A copywriter and web designer, Ingrid Moyle had been following the cat’s adventures when she saw Johnny needed a new home. As she was experience­d in fostering and adopting rescue animals, it was a no-brainer.

Renamed “Pirate Kitty Kylo”, after the Star Wars character, the three-year-old feline has settled into an indoor life and now rules the roost with his own toybox of treasures that Ingrid tips out downstairs each night. And every morning, she wakes to find a selection upstairs.

“Our last foster we had for 18 years and they passed three weeks after we took in Kylo, so we had a kitty-sized hole in our hearts,” says Ingrid, 59, who adopted Kylo late last year. “He’s like a kid on red cordial – he keeps me on my toes!”

While Kylo no longer lives in Kay’s Brisbane neighbourh­ood, the cat lover visits regularly, popping over to Ingrid’s for a cuddle.

“Kay is wonderful – she comes over at least once a week,” Ingrid smiles. “And his original owners have been over and love being part of his life. He’s very well looked after.”

And thanks to Kay and Ingrid, Kylo’s life has never been more purr-fect!

‘He’s like a kid on red cordial – he keeps me on my toes!’

 ?? ?? Ingrid is totally smitten with Kylo.
Cat candy: Some of the ginger bandit’s loot!
Ingrid is totally smitten with Kylo. Cat candy: Some of the ginger bandit’s loot!

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