Woman’s Day (New Zealand)



1 To which retired Royal Navy officer is Princess Anne (above) married?

2 Which branch of philosophy is primarily concerned with the question of being?

3 Australia’s fifth most populous city, Adelaide, lies in which of the country’s states?

4 Which art movement was founded by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in 1908?

5 Riboflavin belongs to which group of vitamins?

6 What was the last album recorded by the Beatles?

7 What is the name of the British passenger liner that was best known for rescuing survivors from the Titanic in 1912?

8 How many metres wide is each lane in an Olympic-size swimming pool?

9 In Greek mythology, who was the mother of Apollo?

10 What is the name of the mayor in The Simpsons?

11 What was Mexico City’s original name?

12 Historical romantic adventure series Outlander, starring Sam Heughan (below) and Caitríona Balfe, is based on a series of novels by which US author?

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