Woman’s Day (New Zealand)



This weekend is the Curl the Mo’ competitio­n in which men compete for the honour of being judged to have the best facial hair. From the clues, can you tell this year’s top three, what type of facial hair they have and how long they’ve had it?

Each time you rule out a match, put a cross where the vertical and horizontal squares meet in the grid. When you find a match, put a tick in the grid. Also put a cross in the other two squares horizontal­ly and vertically in the same line, as no other combinatio­ns can be true. By doing so, you’ll gradually be able to solve the puzzle.


1. Henry has been growing his facial hair for the shortest time.

2. The man with the horseshoe moustache placed 2nd.

3. Albert has a full beard.

4. Frank, who has had his facial hair the longest time, came third.

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