Woman’s Day (New Zealand)


Test your wits against our quizmaster and use the ratings at the right to judge how well you’ve fared.


1 Who plays Selina Kyle alongside Robert Pattinson in The Batman?

2 What is sriracha?

3 Who wrote the opera Carmen?

4 The Fosbury Flop is a move in which sport?

5 Who has played Wolverine on film since 2000?

6 The first of her three number- one albums, what was Bic Runga’s debut record called?

7 Daniel Jones was part of which pop duo?

8 What kind of creature is a cassowary?

9 Au is the chemical symbol of which metal?

10 Who played Ricky Baker in Hunt For The Wilder people?

11 Rioja wine is from which country?

12 What is the name of Snoopy’s bird friend?

13 Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend is a song from which Marilyn Monroe film?

14 What do the initials SPF stand for on sunscreens?

15 In which city is the United Nations based?

16 In which year did Cyclone Bola hit Aotearoa?

17 Who hosts Three brekkie show AM alongside Ryan Bridge?

18 Which sport is contested at the Giro d’Italia?

19 What is Japan’s largest island?

20 Which country was director Ingmar Bergman from?

21 Who are the current hosts of Dancing With The Stars NZ?

22 Arteries or veins – which transfer blood back to the heart?

23 How many sides are there on a trapezoid?

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