Woman’s Day (New Zealand)



Waste-minimisati­on expert Kate Meads shares four easy tips for reducing rubbish at your place

1 Swap scented cleaning wipes for reusable cloths. Scented wipes contain harmful chemicals and contribute to landfill. By using reusable cotton or microfibre cloths instead, you’re helping the health of your home and the planet.

2 Ditch store-bought glass cleaner for a natural DIY version by mixing one part distilled white vinegar with one part tap water. Wipe the glass with a re-washable microfibre cloth for highly effective, eco-friendly cleaning.

3 Ban bin liners. Instead, rinse all non-recyclable containers or wrappers before placing in the bin. Wrap non-compostabl­e scraps in newspaper. You can also line the bin with newspaper first.

4 Opt for reusable shopping bags rather than plastic bags. Reusable bags are affordable, long-lasting and reduce landfill waste. It can be easy to forget them, though, so always leave your bags in the car – store them there straight after putting groceries away!

For more handy tips on reducing kitchen waste, visit katemeads.co.nz.

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