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QMy daughter met a man who I liked, but a few months down the track, she started crying and described him as controllin­g and manipulati­ve. I told her to move on from him and, since then, she has hardly spoken to me. Is this man controllin­g her and will she move in with him?

Worried mother

MITCHELL SAYS I sense your daughter is a caring soul with a big heart. Unfortunat­ely, this man does have a narcissist­ic and controllin­g side to his nature, but your girl is trying to focus on his better qualities. I don’t feel she will move in with him permanentl­y, but your daughter does believe she can bring out the best in him. I feel she will eventually pull away from him, but in the meantime, let her know you’re on her side and you only want her to be happy. Remind her you’ll always be there for her no matter what. I feel in time she will open up to you again.

QMy dad passed away many years ago and we all miss him dearly. I hope he’s now enjoying the retirement he never got to have. Does he have any messages for us?


MITCHELL SAYS Your beautiful dad comes through with so much love for you. He’s happy and enjoying his “retirement” upstairs. He’s watching over your family and tells me there’s a lot of happiness on the horizon. He’s placing his hand on your shoulder and says he will always be close by whenever you need support. Look out for “pennies from heaven” – he’ll send you small coins as a sign. He sends his love to everyone.

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